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Email Marketing Questions And Answers

The following questions and answers have been comprised based on our most commonly asked questions concering our email marketing services. If you have a question that is not listed on this page then please direct your inquiry to Support@EinsteinTraffic.com and one of our support representatives will address your question as soon as possible.

1.) Can we supply you with our own email list for our email campaign?

No, we only use our own email lists because we know that the recipients have agreed to receive emails for that particular list.

2.) Do you offer smaller quantity test campaigns?

No, for the same reason that we do not offer small quantity traffic campaigns. Marketing is only effective in volume and 300,000 is the smallest proven benchmark for effective email campaign results.

3.) What kind of results can I expect?

Due in part to the wide diversity of products and services that our clients promote, it is difficult to answer this question. Our clients typically see responses ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 click thrus per million emails sent. Your subject lines and the overall quality of your email will play a significant role in your click thru rate. Keep in mind that it usually takes 3-14 days to see the total response of your campaign.

4.) Can I target by gender or geographic location?

Yes, you can target these demograhics on our email campaign signup form. If you have other demographics that you would like to target, such as age or income, please contact one of our internet marketing consultants at our toll free number or email us at sales@EinsteinTraffic.com

5.) Can I track my email campaigns?

We track which emails that were used with each campaign to avoid duplicate submittals.

6.) After I order, how long will it take before my email campaign is launched?

We will launch your email campaign within 5 business days of your order and notify you via email upon launch.

7.) Can I make changes to my email campagin order?

Yes, as long as we receive your request within 24 hours of your email campaign launch.

8.) What will my email look like?

When ordering an email campaign via our website, you will be prompted to compose your email in both an HTML and text based format. You will find our WYSIWYG editor very helpful when composing your HTML version (No HTML knowledge is required). Upon placing your order, you will receive an exact copy of what your email will look like via email. If you are not satisfied with your email then you can make any necessarry changes to it via the control panel as long as those changes are received within 24 hours of your campaign launch. If you need further assistance or advice we are always here to help and additionally, we offer custom HTML email template design services.

9.) Are your email lists up-to-date?

Yes, we update our email lists on a daily basis. We are constantly expanding our email lists by acquiring new subscribers immediately remove subscribers who have undeliverable email addressesor who opt out.

10.) I was board and summed your emails. Do you really have 600 million email addresses?

No, in most cases a subscriber has specified interest in more than one category and has thus opted to subscribe to those lists. Thus, the same subscriber can be on more than one list. Note, however, that should you choose to send your email campaign to more than one email list category we do in fact filter email addresses to ensure that no one subscriber receives the same email twice.

11.) Are you compliant with CAN-SPAM laws?

Yes. We comply with all the CAN-SPAM laws. We ONLY send emails to people that have subscribed to our lists. To comply, we include a disclaimer, a valid return email, a physical address, and an easy way to unsubscribe.

12.) Can you design an HTML email template for me?

Yes, we are proud to offer superior HTML email design services. We are experts at maximizing sales conversions.

13.) Can I split test?

You can split test up to 3 subject lines per email campaign.

14.) Can I use a subscriber list signup form to create my own subscriber list ?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to do so and offer subscriber list signup form services. Please visit our subscriber list section for more information.

15.) Can I include more than one email list in my campaign?

Yes, you can include as many lists as you like. The number of email submits for the campaign that you ordered will be evenly divided amongst the number of email lists you select. So if you order a 300,000 targeted email campaign and you select three lists then we will pull 100,000 subscribers from each list.

16.) Do you offer any kind of a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee a 5% open rate per million emails sent. We will rerun your campaign until the 5% open rate is met.

17.) Should we promote the same product or service through additional campaigns, how
       can we be assured that you will not use the same email addresses for those

We track which emails were used with each campaign to avoid duplicate submittals.
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