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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is, and always has been, a very effective form of internet marketing. Since the dawn of the internet, businesses of all sizes have been leveraging the power of email marketing to not only thrive, but to take their business to new heights. And as you are probably already aware, such success from email marketing has resulted in the abuse of such power through unsolicited bulk emailing, commonly referred to as spam. This unfortunate abuse of such a great method of internet marketing has resulted in anti-spam laws and compliance regulations which we have adopted and abide by on a daily basis. Our email lists only consist of double opt-in subscribers. This means that each and every email address corresponds to a person or business whom has agreed to receive emails pertaining to one or more subjects of interest by manually responding to a confirmation email that was sent to their inbox. And to ensure the integrity of our email lists, we are constantly adding new subscribers and removing inactive email addresses. We are so confident that you will be surpisingly impressed with the results of our email marketing services that we gaurantee a 5% open rate per one million emails sent or we will launch your email marketing campaign again at no additional cost.

Standard Email Marketing Features
  • Boost your sales ethically without the worries of spamming
  • Choose up to 3 rotating subject lines for your email campaign
  • 5% open rate guarantee per one million emails sent
  • Choose from one or more of our massive targeted subscriber lists
  • Track your email campaign in our control panel
  • Add your own or third-party tracking codes
  • HTML and text format compatible
  • 100% 2009 email law compliant, guaranteed!
  • Your email campaign will launch 5 days from order date or it's FREE!
  • Our email lists are updated daily to maintain data integrity
  • All of our subscribers are double opt-ins
  • Target your campaign by demograhics
All of our subscribers are double opt-ins
Targeted Email Marketing Services
  • Put your email campaign in motion

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